Fehlermeldung bei der Öffnung des Firefox-Browsers

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Firefox and Thunderbird achieve performance improvements by moving many of their internal parts from being standalone files or sets of JAR files into just one JAR file called omni.ja; this reduces the amount of I/O needed to load the application. This article covers the contents of the archive and techniques for inspecting those contents. Firefox und Thunderbird erreichen Verbesserungen der Performance, indem sie viele ihrer internen Teile, bestehend aus einzelnen Dateien oder mehreren JAR-Dateien in eine einzige JAR-Datei, omni.ja genannt, auslagern; dies reduziert die I/O-Menge, die benötigt wird, um die Anwendung zu laden. Seit Firefox und Thunderbird 10 wird die Dateierweiterung .ja genutzt, weil die Windows Omni/Awesome/whatever lassen einen nicht so schön gezielt suchen, wie die eingebaute FF-Lösung. Oder was hab ich verpasst? Man möge mich belehren! 😉 Falkentavio says: 25. März 2011 um 14:19 How to Get Chrome’s Smart OmniBar in Firefox. By Damien / Mar 12, 2010 Updated Sep 10, 2020 / Internet. As we all know, the Google Chrome is famous for its minimalist approach to laying out the interface. There is no menubar and statusbar and the tabs are located out of the window rather than inside the window. One of the important component that it has successfully discarded is the search Omni will analyze and index your browsing history, tabs and Tefter.io bookmarks for an optimal web navigation personalized experience. All your data stays local and is never uploaded to any internet servers. You don't have to take our word for it, the source code is unobfuscated and available to be inspected.

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